Saturday, 25 January 2014

Subject: Little India Riot 

  Dear Wilson,
                          How have you been studying in Australia? Is it marvellous? Do you know that a riot happened in Singapore at Little India? It was horrific! I never expected something to happen like this in Singapore. It all took place after a driver driving a private bus knocked onto an Indian national Sakthivel Kumaravelu, 33, at the junction of Race Course Road and Tekka Land. 
                          I wonder why would they want to create this riot? They are here to work not to create a chaos. Tourist would be afraid to visit Singapore after they heard this news. They would think that Singapore is an unsafe place. Some of the crowd even dare to flip the police cars when they arrived! I really pity the policemen in the car. The crowd are obviously unreasonable. Argh! I am very annoyed by this incident. 

                           Ok, I got to go. I have a tuition to attend to. Hopefully my agony will reduce. See you soon ! Do write me an email when you see this. Feel free to ask me for the link if you want to see the news of the riot.


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