Saturday, 25 January 2014

Name: Ng Wendy
Class: 1E1
Draft 2: Tenses/ Writing Techniques                         

 Dear fellow classmates and teachers,

  My name is Ng Wendy from 1E1. I am a girl whose hobby is to play the piano. I started playing it when I was five years old. I became interested in playing the piano when I once passed by a musical instrument shop which sells all kinds of instruments like the piano, guitar, flute, violin and more. There was one instrument that caught my eye the most and that is the piano! I found it beautiful and would probably produce amazing sounds. Hence, I asked my parents if they could bring me into the shop. They agreed. I got so enthusiastic about the piano that I insisted on buying it. I promised them that I would play brilliant pieces of songs when I have learned how to play it. They said that they needed time to discuss. I pleaded them every single day until one day, they told me that they would buy me it. I was definitely very happy.

  My favourite colour is white. I think that it looks nice and simple. However, there is one disadvantage about things that are white. If we do not take extra care of it, it will become very dirty. Although it is difficult to take care of things in white, I still love it. My favourite food are mostly Italian like pizzas, spaghetti, beef lasagna and more! I find them delicious and yummy that before I eat them , I will always take pictures. Something interesting about myself is that I do not like to watch cartoons since young. I find them boring in some ways. Whenever I turn to cartoon channels, I would always fell asleep. I would rather watch drama than cartoons as I find dramas interesting and there is a story to it. Furthermore, I know nothing about cartoons.  

  My good friends are Sioh Kuan, Amanda and Kylie. We care for one another, never gets into trouble and are never fussy. Sometimes, when one of us was feeling down or troubled, we will always help by comforting that person. They are my most closet friends in Primary School. Now, although the four of us are separated as we went different schools, we would still go out and contact one another. I will never forget these good friends. My favourite teacher in Primary School is Mr Lim Joo Ghee, my Chinese teacher. He is a very nice person. Although he punishes everyone when we are uncooperative and mischievous, we would have to write an essay but he would pretend to forget about it. Not only is he a good teacher, he also cares for our well-being. My expectations of Secondary School is that I would achieve better grades in all subjects and to be more independent. 

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