Sunday, 26 January 2014

Name: Ng Wendy
Class: 1E1
Draft 2: Writing Techniques / Tenses

Struggles and How I Overcame Them

   I  once experienced a struggle when I was Primary 6. It was the worst struggle I had so far. Why did I struggle this much? Would you like to know? This is how it went...

  "Ten more minutes!" the examiner reminded my fellow ex-classmates and I when we were taking our Mathematics Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). "Oh no!" I whispered to myself, " Only ten minutes? How am I supposed to finish my paper on time? I have not completed the remaining four questions in Paper 2!" I continued. Trying to keep my composure, I told myself to have faith and believe in myself that I could finish it on time as our full potential is in our control. We should always have a positive mindset instead of being negative. I always remind myself this phrase whenever I have struggles. I finally completed and was in relief and got into the last part of the entire segment.

  Checking the paper. It is also a very important step. As I had only four minutes left, I had to be fast in checking the paper as time passes like a bullet train that goes by but I still have to check it in the correct manner. What do I mean by in the correct manner? It means that I should not only skim through the solutions I wrote earlier but I also have to redo the questions. This is what I call checking as this will eliminate my carelessness. When I was done checking, the examiner immediately said, "Times up everybody, pens down."

  I did it! I overcame my struggle by telling myself to have faith. The key point of writing this is to tell everyone out there to have a positive thought and not a negative one. Nothing is impossible if you always have a positive mindset.

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