Wednesday, 25 June 2014

 Book Review

1) The title of the book is called Horrid Henry Tricks The Tooth Fairy by Francesca Simon.

   Horrid Henry have a younger brother, Perfect Peter, whom is a sensible and well mannered boy but Horrid Henry is an opposite of him. He will always bully Perfect Peter. There was once when Horrid Henry was playing with Perfect Peter, Perfect Peter's tooth dropped. He was so enthusiastic and believed that if he placed his tooth under his pillow, the tooth fairy will give him some money. Horrid Henry was so jealous about it as his friends and brother dropped their teeth but he did not. He then tried ways to lose his tooth. He ate jars of sweets and expected them to drop but failed.
   At night, when his brother was asleep, he sneaked into his room and snatched the tooth away and put it under his pillow instead. He woke up the next morning but to find out the tooth was missing and heard Perfect Peter saying that the tooth fairy left him a whole pound. He tried to trick the tooth fairy later at night when he got ideas from his friends. He put his toy dinosaur's tooth below his pillow and wrote a polite Thank You note to the tooth fairy so that she would leave more money. He even colored a paper black to fit his tooth so that it looked as if he had drop the tooth. Soon, the next day arrived when he found a pound under his pillow but realized it was a rubber coin. He checked the letter he wrote and found it written as : Nice try, Henry.
   His mother then shouted for Henry and asked about the jars of sweets. He tried to blame it on his cat, Fluffy, but his mother did not believe and banned him from eating sweets for a month. His mother then reprimanded him to eat an apple and when he took his first bite, his tooth loosened. He was joyful and took another bite but little did he know, the tooth dropped and he swallowed it.

3) I like the book because it is chuckle some. I like the way how it is expressed by the author.

4) I like the part whereby although Horrid Henry snatched the tooth and made it like it's his but Perfect Peter still got his money from the tooth fairy. I did not expect that the tooth fairy would actually do this but it is fair to Perfect Peter so it is quite interesting.

5) I would not want to change anything in the story because I think that everything in there is just perfect.

6) I would recommend this to people who loves to read book that are humorous.