Saturday, 1 February 2014

Title of movie: The Karate Kid

Describe the most exciting/memorable part of the movie. Why do you like it?
Dre Parker, 12, and his mother move from Detroit to Beijing after a job transfer. Dre Parker went to a new school in Beijing and got bullied. During the attack, Mr Han, a rebellious kung fu prodigy came to Dre's aid, revealing he is a kung fu master. Dre then wanted to learn some moves from Mr Han. He agreed . I like the way how Dre put in the effort to learn from Mr Han. It was tough but he still have the patient to learn from Mr Han.
If you could rewrite one part of the movie, which part would it be and why? How would you like to rewrite it?
I couldn't bear to rewrite it as the movie is too good to do so. It is entertaining and reasonable that's why I don't want to rewrite this piece.
List 3 lessons that you have picked up from watching the movie.
Never give up on yourself.
Have faith in yourself.
Practice something that you want to succeed as it will make that something perfect. (Practice makes perfect).

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