Sunday, 2 February 2014

 Personal Recount On A Sad incident that happened during the long weekend

  Yay! It is Chinese New Year! My family and I can celebrate together isn't that fun? I have been waiting for this day to come as it only happen once a year. The reason why I like Chinese New Year it is because we can get to eat many kinds of tidbits, ba kwa and receive RED PACKETS! 

  We went to a restaurant to have our reunion dinner. Little did we know, my grandmother was not feeling well on that day. She had a diarrhea and keeps vomiting. I pity my grandmother so much. We planned to take her to the hospital after we had finished eating our dinner. We waited for a long time outside the doctor's room until we found out that she needed to be warded for some days so that they could check on her. We all nodded with agreement. The nurses then moved her to her ward and we went visiting her. 

  We all comforted her by saying that she will be discharge as soon as possible. My grandmother is still in her ward up till today. How I wish that she would be discharged and recover in no time.   

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