Friday, 18 April 2014

Name: Ng Wendy 
Class: 1E1
Draft 3: Tenses / Writing Techniques 

The Story Of The Escalator

  "Flick!" I was switched on by Mr Lin, a security guard in Sunshine Mall. He had been switching me "on" and "off" for the past ten years. Do you know I am? I have been in the top news stories every year! I am the one and only who knows how to create trouble for others. I am the escalator! Now you know , I am very well-known. I created a huge disaster last year. That was the biggest I had ever made. This is how mischievous I am. Do you still remember how the disaster happened? If not, follow me into this story.

  "Another boring day," I sighed. "People have been stepping me the whole day. Can't I do something on my to-do list?" To-do list! Everyone should be afraid when I have plans on the to-do list. One example is to stop when people are stepping off me. Wow! How creative I am! "Ouch!' I yelled in agony. A boy just hopped onto me and kept jumping. "Ow, ow, ow!" That hurts young man!" I reprimanded him. 

  Just then, I heard a lady whom I assume is his mother say, "Honey, don't jump on the escalator, you might trip and fall! " The word "trip" pierced through my mind. My evil thoughts kept repeating  this word. Why am I hearing this continuously? Suddenly, my expression changed. I smirked. I became the naughtiest escalator of all. I noticed his shoelaces were untied and were hanging near my gaps. What if I trip him? Muahaha..

  Closer... Closer... Closer! Gotcha! I managed to get the shoelaces stuck in. Jump! I persuaded him. Jump! Just when he was about to jump, "Honey, your shoelaces!" reminded his mother. However, it was too late, he jumped. I felt something dripping on me . What is that? Just when I was about to take a look, I feared for the boy's safety. When I looked down, I was totally speechless. He had fallen onto the ground and blood oozed out from him. Everything was cover with his blood. My handrails, the floor, everything. His mother then rushed to him and shouted for help. Just then, Mr Lin was also patrolling the area. He saw the incident and immediately dialed 995.

  I was switched off by Mr Lin and my thoughts were back to normal. "What on earth had I done? I just made a little boy fall, I reflected. Someone was running down my steps great hurry. I guessed that it was the little boy's father. " Hold it there sir, hold it! Something spilled on me just now. " I tried to shout out loud but failed. "Whoa!" A scream was being let out. I dare not to look any further. I closed my eyes and tried to shut all the cries of worry.

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