Monday, 24 March 2014


  English lessons are considered the most important lessons for us because we would need to use it for our daily lives. Mdm Tan and Ms Foo would always share interesting news article like " Teenagers are smoking nowadays" , " Student yelling at teacher" and many more! This is a good way to teach us as we can improve more on speaking proper English, our vocabulary and grammar by reading and understanding them.

  For my common , I did not fare so well in English. I did not expect myself to get this marks as my homework are usually graded in my expectation. Most probably I did not revise well enough that is why I fare badly, but this does not mean I could not score better marks for the next test. I will put in good effort into both homework and test. I will read more newspapers, practice more on friendly letter and composition, read notes that are prepared by Mdm Tan and Ms Foo and last but not least to listen and pay the fullest attention in class. 

  In my opinion, teachers plays an important role for teaching us. They can try to spot common errors, let us have more reading periods, more fun activities held , more helpful notes and lesser homework as we have to attend tuition , cca and enrichment classes. I feel stressful as I do not have the time to complete the homework unless I burn the midnight oil . This would lead me to insufficient sleep. 

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